Local crime update: Good news!

I received the following email from PC John Hutchings (472), a member of our Neighbourhood Rural Team for Daventry and South Northants. I hope to share these informative emails on the site under the category “Crime Updates” in future.

Some good news for you.

Following intelligence received by a member of public on my beat, I have been out of county, identified and recovered a large, Stiga sit-on lawnmower stolen in a burglary in September 2016 and a Yamaha quad bike stolen in a burglary in May 2017 from our area. Currently there are two [people] in custody located with these items and enquiries are ongoing.

The Stiga is back with its lawful owner and the quad bike, due to now being property of the insurance company, is awaiting collection by them. This means these items are now back in the hands of [their] rightful owners!

This hopefully sends the strong message to those who commit these crimes that we don’t stop at county borders and will investigate any information we receive, no matter where it takes us.

Identifying items today has not been the easiest of jobs. This can be made easier by you marking your equipment in a way to make it unique to you. Datatag Cesar assists with this, along with tracker systems and other methods of marking YOUR equipment to ensure we can return items to the rightful owners.

Up-to-date photos are useful and any marks or modifications recorded are also helpful.