Local crime update: Spike in crime

Our local PC 472 John Hutchings sent through this recent update:

Burglary [of a] dwelling. Offenders disturbed in the property during mid-morning.

Burglary [of a] dwelling.

Overnight, 16 vans entered at business premises. Items stolen.

Aware of this via Neighbourhood Watch, I’ve not seen crimes recorded as yet, Vans entered and tools stolen.

VANS – TOOLS. Internal tool storage safes, Van Vault is one available, please consider installing, alarm internally and where possible, back up to something solid or next to something solid to prevent access to the load doors. If two vans, back to back can prevent access. Clearly mark tools so that they can be identified and returned!

Please be aware that over the last 48 hour period, theft from van, total of 20, some not reported yet, has taken place. Also theft from outbuildings and sheds for power tools and the usual items found.

Following a talk last night from Crime Prevention, the most important factor is to secure your perimeter as preventing access will then possibly deter a thief as they will always target the easier option.

Ensure all property you have is photographed, any identifiable numbers recorded and you can register them on a database that all police forces have access to: immobilise.com.

Burglary dwelling and this kind of theft is currently our priority on my beat and working with crime prevention, special constables, PCSOs and myself, we are being as pro active as we possibly can to deter and prevent these offences taking place, but we still need your help.

NHW co-ordinators, if you can assist, especially those who attended the meeting last night, can you pass on your knowledge around crime prevention and the items available to us / you. Overt marking of items is always a good deterrent.

Keep em peeled and PLEASE, report any suspicious behaviour straight away, if you feel there is a crime in progress, 999. Let us decide.

Local crime update: Van tool thefts

Andy Crisp, the Daventry District NHW Administrator, has sent through the following notice of a recent spate of van thefts:

The NHW Co-ordinator for Spratton has advised [23/11/17]:

In the early hours of yesterday morning there were two attempted van break-ins and one actual van break-in where items were stolen in the Gorse Road area of Spratton. All three incidents would seem to have taken place within a matter of minutes from about 2.15am and one resident, whose drive alarm was activated, actually saw two men running from their drive but they had absconded by the time the occupier went outside.

The following advice was attached to the email (PDF): Van Tools Security. (Most modern browsers ought to open PDF documents natively.)

Next NHW Meeting: November 30

I have updated the Forthcoming Events page with details of our next meeting.

Please remember that, in addition to registering on this web site (which provides me with a list of email addresses I can use to keep you all updated), you may wish to register on the main Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Watch site as well. This will keep you further apprised with alerts and information. In order to find our Carey Fields scheme, simply enter your post code. You’ll know you have the right scheme as it’s named scheme D125.

If you have any further questions about the upcoming meeting, please let me know.

Local crime update: Rural South-East

Our local PC John Hutchings sent through this crime update for the local area.

Day-time burglary [of a] dwelling. Ground floor window smashed and jewellery stolen.

Heating oil taken from house tank.

Car key burglary. Rear window forced, car keys taken, vehicle then driven off.

Red diesel stolen from plant machinery.

There were suspicious circumstances reported last night regarding persons going door to door offering numerous different reasons for them being there. The vehicle linked to them has been located and recovered. Out of all the properties visited, only one called it in to us last night. Please, the more calls we get, at the time, can often influence a response.

One for the farming community to note, there was a theft of sheep from Byfield where persons had entered the field and removed a quantity of sheep.

Site improvement: Reporting crime online

This site now has a new link in the right-hand menu, "Quick Contacts", marked "Report a crime online".

If you are having trouble getting through on a 101 call, you can use this link to report crime directly upon the Northamptonshire Police web site. This is not monitored 24/7, so it should just be used to report a crime which has already occurred, or to provide intelligence and information.

Do not use this link to report a crime in progress! In an emergency situation, always ring 999.

Lastly, the "Quick Contacts" menu has been moved above the category and posts menus so it is more readily available to users without scrolling.

Please always report any bugs you find with the site!

Local crime update: Citroen van linked to theft

PC 1368 Rob Stevens from Wellingborough has sent through this alert. I couldn’t find any mention of a Citroen van with make "Cadre", however.

Van linked to theft of £20K of catalytic converters seen acting suspiciously in Daventry area

October 12, 2017

Police have asked residents to be on the lookout for a silver Citroen Cadre van which has been linked to distraction burglaries in the Daventry area.

The vehicle, registration FP54 LRX, has ladders on its roof and was sighted acting suspiciously at a farm in the Kislingbury area shortly after 10:00 today (Thursday, October 12) where the driver was attempting to buy batteries.

It has previously been linked to the theft of £20,000 of catalytic converters in Northamptonshire.

Anyone with information should call Northamptonshire on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Incident Number: #128 of 12/10/2017

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